Your Partner of Choice for Spend Optimization and Compliance

Cost Optimization

We identify areas for further spend optimization opportunities through partnership sourcing, spend consolidation, and smart replenishment choices. Our strategic procurement expertise, supported by advanced data analytics, enables us to optimize your procurement processes and reduce overall costs.


RightProc goes beyond cost control to provide additional assurance on key ESG risks within your maritime supply chain.

As your trusted procurement partner, we implement the following:

Continuous Sanctions Screening
Working with trusted and credible suppliers who comply with international trade regulations to ensure your supply chain is conducted in a responsible and sustainable manner.
Audits of Suppliers
We conduct rigorous physical and remote audits of suppliers to verify their quality assurance systems, operational procedures and ESG credentials to identify any potential risks.
Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting
Your supply chain procurement contributes Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, we can assist to calculate, report these carbon emissions with a calculation method approved by DNV and aligned with Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
Commercial & Contractual Management
Ensuring Sustainable Maritime Supply Chains: A Commitment to Excellence
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Supplier Relationship Management
Fostering Responsible Procurement and Sustainable Sourcing Practices: A Collaborative Approach
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Supplier Assessment & Assurance

Supplier Assessment & Assurance: Building a Strong Foundation for Success

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Enhanced Procurement Analytics
Unleashing the Power of Enhanced Procurement Analytics: RightProc's Sustainable Maritime Imperative
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Partnerships & Alliances