Commercial & Contractual Management

Ensuring Sustainable Maritime Supply Chains: A Commitment to Excellence

Maintaining a network of reliable and competitive suppliers in the ever-evolving maritime industry is crucial for success. RightProc is committed to fostering sustainable supply chain practices that enhance operational efficiency and prioritize environmental and social responsibility.

A Commitment to Responsible Procurement

We recognize that sustainable procurement is not merely an option but an imperative. By continuously reviewing and managing supplier agreements, we ensure that our partners align with our environmental stewardship and social equity values.

Rigorous Tendering Processes

Our tendering exercises are designed to identify and attract suppliers who meet our stringent standards of excellence. We meticulously evaluate potential partners based on their technical capabilities, quality assurance measures, and commitment to sustainability.

Benchmarking for Excellence

We go beyond simply selecting the lowest bidder. We actively benchmark supplier contracts against industry standards and best practices, ensuring we secure the most competitive terms without compromising quality or sustainability in the maritime value chain.

A Panel of Trusted Partners

Through our rigorous evaluation and benchmarking processes, we cultivate a panel of trusted suppliers who consistently deliver exceptional value. These partnerships are built on a foundation of shared responsibility and a commitment to operating sustainably.

Sustainability at the Forefront

Sustainability is not an afterthought; it is integral to our procurement strategy. We seek suppliers who demonstrate a deep understanding of environmental and social issues and actively implement strategies to minimize their impact.

A Collaborative Approach

Sustainable procurement is a collaborative journey. We engage with our suppliers in open communication, fostering a spirit of partnership and continuous improvement. Through responsible maritime procurement we shape a future where the maritime supply chain thrives in harmony with the environment and communities it serves.