Strategic Collaboration in Maritime and Shipping

By collaborating with suppliers and service providers in the maritime and shipping sectors, we create a single-point access to a larger volume of business. Our data-driven approach allows us to make smarter procurement decisions, optimize and plan our supply chain, and improve our overall supplies. We also facilitate transparent and verifiable assessments of our suppliers’ business and sustainability standards to ensure that they remain competitive and relevant to our clients. In the process of delivering these value-added services to our Clients, RightProc may earn platform fees from the suppliers.

RightProc's Strategic Collaboration Procedures

Commercial & Contractual Management

Ensuring Sustainable Maritime Supply Chains: A Commitment to Excellence
Maintaining a network of reliable and competitive suppliers in the ever-evolving maritime industry is crucial for success. RightProc is committed to fostering sustainable supply chain practices that enhance operational efficiency and prioritize environmental and social responsibility.

Supplier Relationship Management

Fostering Responsible Procurement and Sustainable Sourcing Practices: A Collaborative Approach
In today’s interconnected world, responsible procurement and sustainable sourcing practices are ethical imperatives and strategic business drivers. At RightProc, we are committed to embedding these principles throughout our value chain, working closely with our supply ecosystem to positively impact the environment, society, and our bottom line.

Supplier Assessment & Assurance

Supplier Assessment & Assurance: Building a Strong Foundation for Success
Maintaining a robust supplier ecosystem is crucial for success in today’s dynamic business landscape. A proactive approach to supplier assessment and assurance is required to ensure that suppliers meet your quality standards and adhere to legal and regulatory requirements.

Enhanced Procurement Analytics

Unleashing the Power of Enhanced Procurement Analytics: RightProc's Sustainable Maritime Imperative
In the dynamic maritime industry, where efficiency and sustainability intertwine, our Enhanced Procurement Analytics (EPA) emerges as a transformative force, empowering organisations to navigate the complexities of procurement while upholding the highest standards of governance and environmental responsibility.